10 things you didn’t know about Anafiotika

1. It all started in the 60’s. That was when two construction workers from the island of Anafi, George Damigos and Markos Sigalas started building two small huts under the rock of Acropolis. Other people from Anafi thought this was a good idea, started building their own small houses and the rest is history…
2. There are no road names in Anafiotika. Each house has its own number and that’s it!
3. The ledge next to house no 34. You can have a majestic view of the entire city, as well as full view of the Lycabettus hill.

4. There is a total of 45 small houses in Anafiotika. There were many more, but were demolished in the 70’s because they lacked a construction permit.

Katerina Batsiola

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