Today I had the chance to walk with one of my favorite walking groups in northern Greece. They are called Thessaloniki International Walkers and they are people from all over the world, that are currently located in Thessaloniki or it’s suburbs.

We usually have beautiful long walks that are pre – programmed and one of the people is our guide, who knows the walking path and has the role of our leader. So, this time we followed an easy route, called Krevatia Vrontous – Papa Aloni – Agia Triada. 

There is nothing like walking in the deep shade of the mountain Olympus trees. Could Zeus be walking here before us? 🙂

Olympus walk

At this time of the year the forest is where you really want to be.

Olumpus trees

Some of my friends at Thessaloniki International Walkers. We are taking a breath, to carry on with our lovely walk 🙂

Olympus thessaloniki internatioanl walkers

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