OTE Tower, Thessaloniki

OTE Tower is the second more recognizable tower in Thessaloniki (after the White Tower, which is the symbol of the city) and is located in the center of the city, inside the International Exhibition and Congress Center. It was designed by architect Alexandros Anastasiadis in 1966 and is the only building in Greece with a rotating level. A full turn lasts an hour and gives you an amazing view of the city.

ote tower -ThessalonikiOTE Tower is a 76 meters tall telecommunication tower. It is worth mentioning, that the first black and white broadcasts of the Greek State Television were transmitted from this tower. A renovation took place in 2005 and nowadays it’s a modern building worth visiting. It is also one of the landmarks of Thessaloniki among many other awesome architectural sights.

You can take the elevator to the 4th floor -where the cafeteria is- but you can also climb the 166 stairs and enjoy breathtaking views of Thessaloniki as well as taking majestic photos. (especially from the 3rd floor where there is an opening) Enjoying your coffee from the 4th floor of the tower may cost some extra bucks, but you will literally have the whole city at your feet. There is also the alternative ( because sometimes the door leading to the stairs is locked ) of taking the elevator to the 4th floor, walk down to the 3rd, take photos of the city and go back upstairs, take the elevator and go downstairs, without having to sit at the cafeteria.

Eptapyrgion, the White Tower, the whole area of Ano Poli, the building of YMCA, the Archaeological and the Byzantine Museum, mountain Chortiatis, and the gulf of Thermaikos are some of the landmarks you can observe from the tower.

Now, if you wonder when the right time to visit the OTE tower is, the answer is easy: Any time is a perfect time to go and enjoy the wonderful view of Thessaloniki. During the day watching every detail of the city, at sunset to experience why Thessaloniki is one of the most romantic cities and at night, when you can feel the magic of the city.

Alexandra Giannopoulou

Alexandra Giannopoulou is a basketball player and an amateur photographer. Traveling is a way of life for her. She loves Greece and is passionate about showing everyone how majestic her country is. Alexandra is a philanthropist and very sensitive concerning animals rights. Her dog Alex is her companion during her endless hiking and adventures into nature.

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