Possidi - Halkidiki sunset

Fire sunset in Possidi Halkidiki

It started as a regular afternoon in one of the most beautiful beaches in Possidi Halkidiki and probably Greece too. Aigiopelagitika beach in the Kassandra peninsula, offers one of the most amazing sunsets in Greece. I will even dare to compare it to the famous sunsets of Santorini. I am so lucky that I can come here very often.

The beach is wide and long, with crystal clear waters (well, this is no big surprise for Greece) but what’s important here, is the amazing view. Just across the sea, you can admire the mountain of the Gods, Olympus. When the weather is clear, you can see the snow on the top, even in late August. Right behind you, is a great pine forest, green and lush. But the most amazing of all is the variety of sunsets you get. Really, every day you have a completely different sunset.

So last night, I was lucky enough to admire a sunset full of fire, passion and mystery.

It started as a regular afternoon at the beach.

Possidi - Halkidiki

No signs that something amazing would happen, except a pale pink hue at the horizon. Can you see it?

Possidi - Halkidiki

And then…

Possidi - Halkidiki sunset

The most amazing sunset, full of fire. We rarely see this, even in this blessed corner of the earth.

Possidi - Halkidiki sunset

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