Stuffed Red Figs!

I love when FIG season is in, I just can’t wait to pick those figs. It’s a fruit with not a lot of hassle, just pick, open and eat, just delicious. Besides picking and eating , they are so many other uses, fig pie, fig maramalade, dry figs, fresh figs, baked figs etc. It can even be used as a meze ( appetizer)

I was at forum talking with some members and soemone directed me to this recipe and thank god they did. Once I read the recipe I said I must Stuffed Red Figs with bue cheese and wrapped in bacon so mouthwatering, I definitely have share it with my readers. It’s so easy to make, cut, stuff, wrap and bake. This savory treat is so addicting your guests will be asking for more. Serve with a Chardonnay wine. I really love this wine!  I love baking recipes, health foods and of course these Stuffed Red Figs are delish!


  • 250 grams Roquefort cheese a.k.a.Blue cheese
  • 12 red figs
  • 12 bacon strips


  1. First, cut the tips of your figs and cut in four, cut just enough to place your cheese in the center,

  2. Secondly, before you add you cheese mash it up with a fork , then with a spoon add it to the center of each fig.

  3. Thirdly, wrap your bacon around the each fig.If the bcaon doesn’t stay in place add a tooth pick.  Bake at 180 -200 celcisu or 300 Farenheit.

  4. When done drizzle with  Grape syrup (mine was home made it was just so finger licking good! If you don’t have grape syrup you can substitute balsaamic fig infused vinegar.


Magdaline Makris

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